Our Journey Into Framing

A family owned business and a journey into a world of handmade creativity.
“Everyone was born creative. However life helps us unlearn creativity.
Now it is time to unlearn uncreativity.”
- Jonathan Halls

Sometimes it takes a few decades, numerous jobs, years of toil and a fair few wines to come full circle, back to what you knew in your heart from the beginning. We are glad to say we have reached that point. We now wake up each and every day, enthused about the current projects, inspired by previous ones and excitedly anticipating what is to come next.

Working in a hands-on environment — using tools, transforming raw materials, such as wood, card and glass — into physical objects is so rewarding. Creativity and innovation are a huge part of what we do. Constantly we are faced with challenging new objects to preserve, and we must find new ways to make them look incredible (yet still function in their preservation role).

Our Core Values

Creativity: A good life is a creative life. We strive to be creative in everything we do. Always. There are endless opportunities, we are only limited only by our beliefs.

Authenticity: In all things: Our work. Our studio. Our workshop. Our designs. Our connection with clients. Our communications. We bring authenticity and energy to each and every project.

Legacy: Everything that we create is about creating a legacy item. We want everything adequately preserved for future generations.
Passion: Our passion drives our products. Our relationships with clients. And passion drives why we do what we do. Connection: Everything in life is about connection. We want to connect with you. And we want you to connect with others through the beautiful products that we create.

Innovation: There are always new things to explore and we continuously seek to enter new realms within the framing world. We strive to continuously push the boundaries and create fantastic new things as a result.

Why do we do what we do.
From our crafty beginnings, we quickly became swept up by the mainstream crowds and daily grind. Our story isn’t unique, but we made our way back to our roots and are now at home, back among creative pursuits — and absolutely loving it.

We aim to create, to inspire, to preserve and leave a legacy. We want to make work that people use to connect and share a piece of themselves with friends and family.

Why We Frame
From the outset, we have considered it important to articulate our why. Why we do what we do. And why we love it. The answer?
We truly believe in purpose within product. That everything we create has a reason to exist — whether that be for connection or preservation.

We believe in creating beautiful objects, that preserve memories
for you to share with those you love, both now, and in the future.

What we create is important, but why we do what we do, sets us apart. To create pieces that embody connection, we make sure every client receives personalised service. We involve each and every person who has something to frame, in the design process, guiding them to the perfect fit.

We ensure that we fully understand the intent and purpose of the object being framed. What’s its story? Who is the piece being showcased to? Does it display a piece of the client’s personality? A connection to the past? A fond memory? A collected piece? All of these steps are critical in creating a piece that in infused with connection; connection between us and the client, between them and their item and between those with whom they showcase it to. Preservation is all about connecting the past with the present, and the present with the future. None of us know how long we have on this planet, so preservation of a legacy, and creation of a legacy, is all important to us. Preservation is all about combining high quality products which are scientifically proven to aid longevity, with timeless design, so you can connect and share those memories with those you love. Creating products that have a purpose — a tangible reason they exist — is what drives us to work hard each and every day.